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The Speech Language Pathologists are always looking for ways to communicate with children and adults with special needs. Many found this book provided an excellent resource for using food as the medium to connect with students.

Foods created by Gold Trail students​,

Kaytie, a teenager, becomes the Leader and instructs Faith.

Hunter prepares a whole meal!

Mikaela, Sutter's Mill Student, demonstrates a recipe from the book

CARLEE K., a 3-time cooking class student from Sutter's Mill School, shares how she didn't like potatoes until she tried the way we fixed them in class. She says it's good to taste a small portion of all foods, because they could taste completely different from how you've had them before.

LINDSAY B. from Green Valley School was excited to share how she put out a grease fire while her Mom was looking for her phone to call 911!

EMMIE N. at Rescue School, had a cousin who cut his finger while slicing food at a recent camping trip. She showed him how to curl fingertips and hold the knife to prevent future accidents.