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STYLE Magazine  February 2020 


August, 2018

El Dorado County, Ca.


The extremely successful After School Enrichment Program included the engaging “Cooking with Mrs. C” classes. The 4-session classes teach cooking basics to first to fourth grade students. Students have hands-on lessons such as how to hold a knife, the difference between types of measuring cups and how that affects the recipe, how to put out a grease fire, and the importance of plate presentation. The children are introduced to fruits, vegetables and meats they may not have ever had, and realize cooking can be fun, tasty, and rewarding even without preparing cookies and sweets! The New Chefs include 13 from Rescue School, 12 from Sutter’s Mill, 10 advanced students from Gold Trail School, 9 from Camino, 19 from Indian Creek and three classes to accommodate 27 students from Empire Oaks School.

Most common feedback from parents is “I didn’t know that . . .” Carlee’s Mom, Lisa from Sutter’s Mill School, said “. . . my daughter never liked potatoes until she was in Mrs. C’s cooking class. Carlee felt pride when she created a twice-baked potato for our family dinner using vegetables and other ingredients we already had on-hand. It never occurred to me that by combining a different vegetable or meat in the same dish not only helps my budget by using what I already have in the refrigerator, but introduces a new recipe to my family.”

Fran Christensen, (Mrs. C) was impressed when 2 of her students in the past 5 years reported that they put out a grease fire. “One 7-year old said when the bacon she and her mom was frying caught fire, her mom left the room to find her phone; when she returned seconds later, my student had put out the fire by throwing baking soda on the flame! When we have the ‘grease- fire lesson’, I stress to the children that these are life-skills that they will remember when they’re in their college dorm or teaching their own children.” As a result of the lessons from her book, in the past 5 years over 800 students in El Dorado County have the tools to safely, economically, and creatively prepare meals and snacks for their family and friends.

Cooking with Mrs. C at School

ISBN: 1466454938

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing

Publication date: 2011-10-30

Price: $12.00