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Fran Christensen, (Mrs. C), has been introducing young people to cooking since the 1970's After retiring from her career in the food service industry, she began teaching cooking classes to elementary school children through an after school enrichment program in El Dorado County, Ca.

Mrs. C's simple yet carefully designed lessons and exercises are the result of many years of teaching and gathering feedback from both students and their parents. In her first book, "Cooking With Mrs. C at School" she leads students to discover and experience the art of cooking through preparing meals for themselves. In addition, her simple recipes often provide ideas for appropriate substitutions of ingredients, enabling students to think creatively and use food that is likely on hand, (such as leftovers), in their kitchen at home.

These books provide adults with all the tools and information needed to successfully guide children in the kitchen and gives students a solid foundation of basic cooking knowledge while effectively establishing good kitchen habits.

"Cooking With Mrs. C at School"