About the book:

As a result of this book, hundreds of 1st - 6th grade children are excited about cooking and learning how to use foods already in the kitchen.

Good Food is the fuel

to Get Moving!  


It is an easy-to-follow Primer for anyone to show children how to cook!

Generally, children are invited to help in the kitchen with making cookies and desserts, but often they lack the knowledge and skills to prepare a basic meal.

How will they learn to make a quick dinner or a nutritious snack?

Will they be able to handle a grease fire?

Do they know how hold a knife properly?

What is the difference between slicing, dicing, and chopping?

Mrs. C's books provide a fun and easy-to-follow approach to teaching children the basics of cooking. There are icons on each simple recipe to help young chefs who are learning to read or have learning challenges, and, many recipes don't require measuring. With the thinking games and worksheets about safety, kitchen terminology and nutrition, children gain skills that will last them a lifetime.

Everyone is encouraged to have daily physical activity. Mrs. C stresses


Buy one book and you'll be convinced!